A method (signature or similar) for performing licence manager queries and/or updates from within proc. Specifically, in my case, client licence usage, but it would be good to be able to test for any feature the developer requires being licensed. The transcript is of no use in a client/server enviromnent, as there is no-one watching the server transcripts.

Use Case

"activate ""UDLM"".USAGE(""UCLIENT"") to reproduce the current function of dlmcv.exe -usage -feat UCLIENT and return used licences. activate ""UDLM"".STATUS(""UCLIENT"") to provide information on licence limits (timeout and/or max number of licenced instances)"


Our customers buy the smallest amount of licences they can 'get away with' and frequently hit concurrent user limits, we cannot provide them a list of users utilising the licence without giving them access to the DLM, which allows them to accidentally mess up the licence for the whole site.


Proc Code

Operating System

Not Applicable



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