Introducing XSP – Extended Server Page

Wees, Germany, 1.4.2010 – we are very happy to announce the progress and efforts of our ongoing development of an Uniface 9.x enhancement.



XSP – Extended Server Page

The component is intended to be an alternate base for web development within Uniface offering a wide spectrum of features. Based on a standard USP the new component type embeds perfectly in the exisiting IDF and is edited like a native component.[[Media:2307311 right]]


New Features for a new world!


Experience nothing but pure power while developing web 2.0 components with the new XSP component. We took all the dynamic features of a DSP and combined it with the low limitations of the USP.  Catch a glimpse on the core features:


  • Full AJAX support (bidirectional, POST, GET, synched and asynced request)

  • Connectable to every Javascript toolkit

  • Compressed and coded transfers of Data streams (e.g. embed HTML parts in a JSON stream)

  • Cascading Templating System (GCTS)- separetes the display tier from the code, offers limitless designs with low customizing  on the codebase (one Code, many designs)

  • Pagination – as demanded by the public (at the moment supporting Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL and Solid)

  • HTML5 features (CANVAS, FORMS1.1 etc)

  • Service orientated component development- you can add many Layouts to a XSP and call them by operation name



And there is much more to come …

Further the new component type will be shipped with a light-weight JavaScript toolkit enabling you to take advantages of Rapid Application Development.

We even offer a support and tutorial web site to help customers up’n running!

Evolve today! Contact us to find out more or visit



 U P D A T E


Today is Tuesday and I’m back in office on the regular schedule. Guess its time to reveal some facts about this article 🙂


XSP is part of the April fools’ Day!

Of course there is no XSP enhancement from my side! I won’t go digging in the IDF for no reason at all. Further nobody but CPWR knows what the IDF will turn in to!

BUT “XSP core features” are reality!

Yepp, didn’t fool ya’ll in that point. I’ve set up a page, made a bunch of tutorials, created some JavaScript toolkit code to make life easier for those who are interested. This thing will be growing and show you, what YOU can do with a standard USP in Uniface 8 and 9!

And if you have questions on that, I will help you out! I want to push that thing- … showing you, web2.0 is not rocket science. will be your guide when we talk WEB 2.0.

Remember: The web redefines itself every day. You will need to start somewhere in order to catch up with it as the importance of the web grows day by day. You need to evolve to do so and, as I’ve been preaching for all time, step beyond the boundaries you know. This is Evolution- an imperfect and often violent process. A battle between what exists and what is yet to be born.

I started this and stepped beyond the limits. When do YOU?!

 join in @

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