To call a Java-application and pass params etc, a java-call out would be nice.

Use Case

Just like al other call outs - create signature - define operations and params - define implementation - create urr


Integration of applications is a common thing. From time to time everybody ones to integratie with other applications. With Java only a call-in in possible.



Operating System

Not Applicable



4 thoughts on “Java call-out”

  1. Did this not used to be possible in Uniface 8 using CORBA?
    One of the biggest challenges with calling out to Java is that the code needs to be executed inside a JVM which needs to have been started and already loaded the class that holds the method that is to be invoked.
    One possible (albeit not very efficient) solution is to host the Java code inside a Servlet Engine (e.g. Tomcat), write a small Servlet that to call the existing code, and invoke the operations with web calls using the UHTTP API.

  2. Agree, we would love this enhancement. We have a C bridge to manage our calls to JNI, but its high maintenance and nasty to implement on site. This would (hopefully) take this weak link out of our solution and give us access to all those libraries of functions in Java.

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