It seems pretty awkward to call a java program from Uniface. We need a Uniface server and some Corba tricks. This could probably be done with a C/C++ wrapper at class level with a lesser installation burden. This type of functionnality isn\'t so easily implemented. So some samples of this technical stuff would be very highly enjoyed.

Use Case

- For the Uniface developer the wrapped java class/component will appear as any other component through his signature. - For the deployment team: Uniface installation requirement: Only a dll with the corresponding ASN reference would be required (as well as the signatures as usual)


Uniface XML support is somewhat outdated. We need some tool to validate XML streams/files agains XML schema files. The support for java call-out (without Uniface server as target deployment requirement) would be for general purpose very convenient. Expected advantages: No need of .NET and/or COM deployment, no Uniface Server



Operating System

Not Applicable



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  1. I’m aware that this post is closely related to the post 10. 10 is the best solution at all regards. Corba+Uniface Server is the worse. I’m suggesting some sort of in-between solution. By the way, sorry for the poor wording. I’m not a native speaker!

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