When building a large scale Uniface web application there are often JavaScript developers in the team that have no knowledge of Uniface. To leverage the productivity of these developers we need documentation or training that is geared for this target audience, The documentation should contain a brief overview of the Uniface concepts that are relevant to web development and a detailed description of the Uniface JavaScript API. A short training with both basic and advanced exercises would also be welcome.

Use Case

A JavaScript developer without Uniface knowledge should be able to write productive and correct code after reading the documentation and maybe following a short (online) training. Current documentation and training is all written towards experienced Uniface developers wanting to write JavaScript.


Having this makes it much easier for customers to add experienced JavaScript developers to their team that do not have to have previous experience with Uniface. This will make resourcing projects easier and will result in web applications of better quality.


Uniface Web (USP/DSP/Services)

Operating System

Not Applicable



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