A new trigger implemented in fields like editboxes, unifields etc. It should occur after a user presses any key in that field.

Use Case

Useful to do auto-complete functions in data entry sheets or to create a function that counts the number of characters typed in a field or.. do something before the user press a button




Uniface 4GL

Operating System




One thought on “Keypress trigger”

  1. What’s New in Uniface 9.6.04 – Windows GUI Enhancements

    The Edit Box widget now supports incremental searching by means of an onEdit extended trigger that can be used to respond to user input as the user enters data.

    Note: There is no placeholder definition placed in the Extended Triggers trigger. You must manually define and implement this trigger.

    The trigger is enabled only if the OnEdit widget property is set to True. The EditDelay property can be used to apply a delay of 200 milliseconds after the user stops entering data. This reduces the frequency of firing the onEdit trigger to improve performance when retrieving data.

    More information:
    – onEdit trigger
    – OnEdit and EditDelay properties

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