Kintone and Uniface integration

Title: Kintone and Uniface integration
Location: Cyboze Corporation Tokyo, office 16F, Meeting room: New York
Start Time: 15:00
Date: 2014-05-14
End Time: 17:00

Cohosted by Takt Systems and Uniface Japan
Kintone and Uniface integration Makes Connection to Business Critical Systems such as AS400 and SAP Possible

To build a business application which adopts to changing business environments,  it is crucial to deploy a system quickly. During this seminar we will introduce you some DBMS access functions of Uniface and “Cloud hub” that is possible with the integration of Kintone and Uniface.

1. Uniface Japan
introducing Uniface: Rapid Application Environment Uniface is a rapid application development tool which provides high productivity when building mission critical business applications. Uniface supports a variety of DBMS and OS environments which makes deployment to client/server, web and mobile possible. Included in the presentation will be a product demonstration.

2. Takt Systems
Cloud hub: Kintone/Uniface integration
Kintone enables you to build a program without application designing and cumbersome operation setting. Uniface has an interface with various DBMS and by combining Kintone and Uniface functionality we created “Cloud hub” making integration with AS400 and SAP system possible.  

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