I would like to propose functionality in the debugger that will allow you to easily inspect the contents of a list. Lists are currently displayed as normal strings which can make it very difficult to find a particular item.

Use Case

\\\"The way that I would envisage it to work would be as follows (suggestions welcome): - Click on a variable in the debugger. The normal \\\"\\\"Edit Field, Variable or Watch\\\"\\\" window appears. - A new checkbox called \\\"\\\"List\\\"\\\" is made available. If checked then the list will be broken down so that each item in the list is displayed on its own line, indented if appropriate - A new \\\"\\\"search\\\"\\\" field is made available that allows you to search for a particular item/value.\\\"


Medium - it would greatly improve on the ability to debug when using lists.


Uniface Development Environment

Operating System




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