We have already ComponentToStuct, but that will convert all the entities in the component to a struct. We want to convert only one entity to a struct. Or as output list to struct and then to XML for sending to webservices.

Use Case

Service with 10 entities and 15 operations Each operation has his own output list for the moment That output list needs to be converted to a struct.



Proc Code

Operating System

Not Applicable



2 thoughts on “ListToStruct – StructToList”

    1. I know the entityname option exists, but we add some none database fields in the lists, also lists in lists.
      It is sometimes a combination of several entities, but not all that are added in the service.

      We would like to use this for converting the Uniface lists to XML for sending to child applications written in .Net.
      They get the data via web services (also written in .Net, with an exposed com service of uniface behind).
      For the moment the web services translate the uniface list to xml.
      But when we can expose xml directly to the web services, the translation is not needed any more.

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