A new switch for lookup This new \"lookup/exists\" should return * 0 if there is no row matching the profile * 1 if there is a least on row matching the profile The access to the database should * use (if possible) a \"EXISTS\" clause * not use a cursor or any other kind of hitlist

Use Case

Often it\'s only necassary to know, if there is a row in database or not for a given profile (unequal to primary key) Building a hitlist is time consuming, in particular when using a UPDATE-cursor. There a \"workarounds\" like * LOOKUP , but this one use a COUNT instead of EXISTS (and using UPDATE-cursor?) *RETRIEVE/o , only working on primary key (and using UPDATE-cursor?) *SQL/data , DBMS depending (even on the same DBMS there could different date-formats and so on ...)


Performance is always important


Proc Code

Operating System

Not Applicable