The tooltip property is defined on each field and if the tooltip is defined, when the cursor is on the field, the tooltip is displayed in the little yellow frame. I would like different mode on the selection of the tooltip to known if the tooltip is displayed or not. Also, I want to select the language of the tooltip. It can be different with the current language. Also, I can set the duration time of the display of the tooltip and can select do not display the tooltip dynamically.

Use Case

A field FIELD1 containt the tooltip LEVEL1=$text(AAAA) LEVEL2=$text(BBB) LEVEL3=$text(CCC) I\'m a beginner on the application, my level is 1. The tooltip in this case is $text(CCC) Another user with a LEVEL1, in thi case, the tooltip is $text(AAAA) Also, I can change dynamically the language of the tooltip. set $tooltiplanguage=USA I saw a screen in China, and tooltip is in English. Now I\'m an expert on the application, and I don\'t wants to see tooltip. By proc code: set $tooltip=False Duration : set $tooltipduration=30 , ms Level set $tooltiplevel=3


When you have an application in a multi language, for the maintenance, if all labels are displayed in chinese and you wants to make some adjustement with the user, I wants to see tooltip on each field, know the name of the current form but not in chinese, in english or anything else.


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Operating System




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  1. In Uniface 9 there is a new property for $properties and $fieldproperties named : tooltiptext. You can set the tooltiptext dynamically using this property e.g. $fieldproperties (fieldname) = “tooltiptext = My tool tip text , or use $text(message)”. Workaround: Use the help triggers to get information to the end users.

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