Market of Uniface

Uniface must be create some events to make known the product.
A lot of people think : “L4G What is that ?”.
Youg engeneer think only PHP, Java.
School, University, … will be a target. Professor also.
Also, a lot of people think L4G in Client/Server generation like in ’90 years. But I think the difference between the first generation of L4G and now is very large.



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  1. I know this post it´s old, but i think that it´s a very important post. when i studied noone knows about 4LG, nowadays most of my friends are developers, and (except some of them who works with uniface) noone knows nothing about uniface. I think that it´s a big problem, so please, make an efford to open the market of uniface, give free licenses to universities (students love free things, how about a free license only for Mysql or solid and unix?) or make some events.

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