A new function to refresh menu bars and dynamic menus at will so as to be able at run-time to redefine menu bars and menu options.

Use Case

Usage could be as follows: refresh menubar will simply recreate the menu


To achieve the above wish, I have had to exit and re-enter the form that contains the menu bar. It works but is too unstable - crashing often for no logical reason.


Windows GUI

Operating System




One thought on “Menu: refresh”

  1. Status=Closed

    Refresh of the menu is already possible in Uniface.

    • To load the a menu with the same name from a different library:
      Set $variation to the desired library.
      Issue a pulldown/load menuname

    • To load a different menu:
      Issue a pulldown/load newmenuname

    • To refresh dynamic menu items in the current menu:
      Issue a pulldown/load menuname

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