Possibility to: - Have the message frame always opened. - Dock it to the IDF/IDE (and resize it). - Auto scrolling at the end of the messages. - Coloring the messages by severity. Example: red for errors, blue for warnings, black for info.

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8 thoughts on “Message frame”

  1. Hi,

    The Output Box widget meets most of your requirements:

    – It is a widget, so you can paint it anywhere you want to keep it visible, and you can connect it to the message channel
    – It has the all the attach properties available, so you can make it resize
    – It does auto scrolling
    – It does not do any coloring, as it just shows the output of the message channel

    I have closed this wish.
    If you have remaining wishes after you tried the Output Box, please feel welcome to enter them.


    Theo Neeskens

  2. Hi all, and happy new year!
    Ulrich have understood my request very well.
    I want to dock it IN THE IDF and see messages scrolling when compiling insted of, every time, open it after compilation, scoll it down and look for errors.
    So my new answer is: why I must use Output Box instead, while the “Message frame” is the default? Why do I have to use an alternative way, rather than suggest a possible improvement (IMHO) of the default?


  3. Sorry Claudio,

    I badly misread your wish, missed “in the IDF”.

    In the Uniface 10 IDE the compilation messages are in the Compiler Output tab in the bottom of the IDE. It is resizeable.

    This functionality will not be added to Uniface 9.


  4. Hi Theo,
    what about a little ASN extension where one can direct the $PUTMESS_LOGFILE to the transcript window?

    I remember that in some old uniface version (6 ??) it was possible in the debugger to direct the proclisting to a transcript window.
    It was awesome to see the codelines running through the window in sync with the application (to detect bottlenecks etc).

    For the U10: Unfortunately, the messages (to me as the user) are splitted in 2 pages (“messages” and “compile”) and the switch is not always correct.
    In 10201f107 I have seen that there are now 3 different channels (compiler, putmess, message):
    To get the complete messageframe picture in one go:
    Would it be possible to provide some “all channels” outputbox and add it the the U10 development.

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