Message from Japan: ついに

Just returned from Japan… If I would have to summarize my visit in one word it would be: finally!

After hard work of everyone in the Uniface team, we finally have the right message, we finally have the right product and we finally have the momentum back in our customer base again!

The Uniface world tour has been in Las Vegas a few weeks before – and it was great – this time the roadshow stopped in Osaka and two days later also in Tokyo.  More Uniface customers were there than I’ve ever seen before in Japan and they were very positive. This is not unique for customers in Japan, I’ve seen similar things in Las Vegas and expect to see even more of the same  from customers in France in early December.

Why? Well, I have learned three things:

1. Usability: People expect easy to use and great looking applications (btw If you don’t know what that is: buy an iPad). Uniface 9.6 finally adds great usability features to our product. People can build ever better looking apps right now.

2. Modernization rules! Why would you re-develop a Uniface app, when it’s working perfectly? Why would you throw away invest money in Java development, when you can update your Uniface app for a fraction of the cost?

3. People finally realize: Productivity is what it’s all about. Do. More. With. Less. Buy Uniface!

Finally a nice link of a Japanese developer using something on an iPad…


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