At the moment it isn't possible to declare a minimum number of uservers (for a specific UST). In urouter.asn you can declare several switches: /max (maximum # of uservers for this UST) /maxidle (maximum idletime for this userver) For a fast response it is possible to declare a UST in the [PRE_START]-section, but if this UST has a /maxidle-time the userver could have died before it is used. Without /maxidle all uservers will stay alive, even when they aren't used anymore. A /min-switch should be introduced: if the number of uservers isn't reached, the userver-process has to keep alive, after that the /maxidle may be effective.

Use Case

urouter.asn [SERVERS] UST = userver.exe /min=# /max=# ...


1) Fast response of a userver-process, because you are sure this process allways exists (only if this process is allready busy and a new userver has to be started it will be slow(er)), 2) Cleanup of the application server: the server is cleaned from userver-processes that aren't used for a long time.


Uniface Web (USP/DSP/Services)

Operating System

Not Applicable



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