\"To implement MVC like patterns, it would be nice to have a \"\"Component Object Service)\"\" Similar to the old \"\"Object Service\"\" implementation which transfered the WRITE from a form to the WRITE of an underlying object service. All triggers form one or more presentation components (Views) should automatically trigger the background component (Model) for execution. Layout modifications etc. will automatically be transfered back to the view(s).\"

Use Case

Modernising old uniface applications demand a way to split very large data-entry components into a couple of tab-pages. To be on the safe side, the old component with all its business logic and checks should stay in use and the derived presentations are controled by the background. No tabpage crossinformation on modifications on shared information. All the data come from the background and tabpages are refreshed when they get focus.


A big improvement for modernising legacy uniface applications because the risk of changing a long-year debigged code is not necessary. It stays still as it was before. This will extend the DSP mechanism in the C/S area, separating the presentation from a background processing of data.


Windows GUI

Operating System




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