\"The current \'formatting proc\' functionality in the proceditor has a few problems. It would be nice if they could be fixed. Some of these issues: - a tab is just to much. Please let the developer choose, for instance a logical to indicate the chars to use: a couple of spaces or a tab. - one liners like: \"\"if ($status < 0) call do_error_continue\"\", sometimes causes the formating to fail. The same for selectcase. And the new statements like scope are not supported yet.\"

Use Case

In the idf.asn the developer can set a logical to indicate the number of spaces or tabs. Added to wish: highlight the statements that belong to each other. So, when I put the cursor on an \'endif\', the corresponding \'if\' is highlighted. But even when I am on a \'else\', the corresponding \'if\' is highlighted.


A correct working \'format proc\' functionality makes the live of the developer a bit brighter.


Uniface Development Environment

Operating System




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