"The desired functionality is to extend the feedback from the urouter/userver components on abortion. A red screen stating -25 (See message guide) in combination with 300 (Middleware eroor) is pretty confusing and tells nothing about the reason! Further standard http status codes would be fine! A RED/YELLOW screen should not give ""http 200 OK"" but a http 500 Internal Server Error. Stating 200 is not clever while working with dojo/ajax/Javascript Frameworks because you'll never know what exactly happened to the request."

Use Case

More detailed error messages from userver / urouter when : - generally fails in some way - userver couldnÂ’t get a resource (via LAN or due to user rights) - connection to Database failed - all that independent from $ioprint This would reduce the time on debugging and help understand, why the software does, what it actually does :)


VERY important because: - developing WEB without having the server is useless - most time should go in development, not in server setup - everytime you poke around with some asn settings, your server setup could fail and you get no reasonable response on that (not even in the log files) This wastes plenty of time and so money!


Uniface Web (USP/DSP/Services)

Operating System

Not Applicable



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