We can link a label to a field so that the label hids when we the fields is hidden with $fieldsyntax(FIELD),\\\"HID\\\". But when we move the field with $paintedfieldproperties(FIELD,$curent)=\\\"xpos,ypos\\\", the label does not move. Would it be possible to link the the position of the label to the position of its field ?

Use Case

I link the label to the field with the \\\"rename\\\" option. I want the label moves exactly like the field (xpos+=1 for the field => xpos+=1 for the label.


I modify my apps screens so that end-users can deplace fields in form. It would be nice that label move with the fields.


Windows GUI

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2 thoughts on “Label: Move label with field using $paintedfieldproperties”

  1. $paintedfieldproperties and the HMOVE,VMOVE attach properties move the field. In UNIFACE version 9.7 we added a property to the label which causes the label to follow its associated field.

    Define in the usys.ini the anchor property for the label.


    Now the all labels will move with the associated fields.
    When used in a layout manager both the field and label should fall in the same pane window.

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