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4 thoughts on “Split Bar: Move Split Bar”

  1. There is very usefulĀ chance move split bar with $windowproperties($instancename,”splitbar”)=”splitbar=S0:MAX/MIN/RESTORE”.

    But it would be great to have possibility move split bar not only to the edge of window but optionally only to the next split bar.

    Or (and) to have chance get actual position of particular split bar and can programmatically set its position.


    1. Think I experimented a little and the min/max means either window border or next splitbar. But as Iain mentioned, it’s undocumented (so CPWR may drop it) and this S0, S1, S2 etc. is a real horror because you have to keep a protocol about the sequence you add the splitbars. Or analyse the $item(“SPLIT”,WINPROP.UFORM) if you like where you may see (86,20,h,t,n,n,(86,2,h,t,n,n,p,(76,18,v,l,n,n,p,(5,18,v,l,n,n,p,p))),p)

  2. Please be advised that the need for using split bars has been greatly reduced inĀ Uniface 9.6.03 (9.6.02 plus service pack MX02)

    The Attach to Window Border (ATTACH) widget property has been significantly enhanced.

    New values enable you to choose whether to re-size attached widgets, or maintain the same size and simply move the widget with the border or split bar.

    A new extended trigger is available on the Form Container and Tabex widgets.

    The Resized trigger allows you to control the response of the widget when the widget is re-sized.

    For example, you could display a different component when the size is larger or smaller than a specified size.

    The Radio Group widget now also supports the Attach and AttachMargin properties.

    Alas the specific Use Case in this wish is not solved by these enhancements.

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