Get items out of an indexed list of associative lists using a profile of multiple items/ids

Use Case

"V_ALL_CLIENTS = """" V_LIST_CLI_OCC = "" V_PROFILE = """" V_OLD_ACTIVE_CLIENTS = """" retrieve/e ""CLIENT"" setocc ""CLIENT"", 1 while ($status > 0) call LP_GET_ONLINE_ORDERS (CLIENT_ID.CLIENT, D_CLIENT_TOTAL_ORDERS.CLIENT) putlistitems/occ V_LIST_CLI_OCC, ""CLIENT"" putitem V_ALL_CLIENTS, -1, V_LIST_CLI_OCC setocc ""CLIENT"", $curocc(""CLIENT"") + 1 endwhile putitem/id V_PROFILE, ""CLIENT_STATUS"", ""ACTIVE"" putitem/id V_PROFILE, ""CLIENT_DOB"", ""·<1-jan-1950"" putitem/id V_PROFILE, ""D_CLIENT_TOTAL_ORDERS"", ""·>0"" , Wishlist Item BEGINS here... getlistitems/ids V_OLD_ACTIVE_CLIENTS, V_ALL_CLIENTS, V_PROFILE , or retrieve/listprofile V_ALL_CLIENTS, V_PROFILE, if ($status > 0) V_OLD_ACTIVE_CLIENTS = $result endif , Wishlist Item ENDS here..."


This would be good for applications that use lots of list processing, and wanting to limit the use of fetching data that does not particularly make use of indexes. ...a different way to explain... This would be good for when you have data that is difficult to fetch from the main entity path. EG. Fetching only ACTIVE clients that have made TOTAL PURCHASEs greater than 10000.



Operating System

Not Applicable



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