New Uniface Organization


Dear Customer,
Effective immediately, the Uniface business will operate as a separate Compuware business unit. This is a new operating model for the Uniface business that will allow us to focus on our number one priority – customer satisfaction and loyalty.
I will take overall responsibility, as Vice President of the Uniface business, and reporting to me will be a dedicated Uniface management team who will be responsible for the continued market success and growth of Uniface. My team will be accountable for the comprehensive success of our solutions in the marketplace and our focus is you – our customer. We will take every opportunity to contact you and solicit your feedback on all Uniface related matters. And I encourage you to take every opportunity to contact us:
• The Uniface community web site allows you to keep up-to-date on Uniface and it will soon include a product wish list so that you can submit and keep track of your product enhancement requests.
•   In addition, you will find Uniface on YouTube, Twitter and numerous other social networking sites. Join us on our LinkedIn Group today.
We are very excited about the years ahead and feel that Uniface offers incredible value, especially in the current economic climate. It is a proven solution with a proven track record of delivering results. Our goal is to work closely with you to make the coming years, your most successful years ever using Uniface!
Your local account manager will be in contact with you shortly to discuss Uniface-related matters and to understand your requirements, especially in the current economic climate.
For those of you who have asked about Compuware’s divestiture of its quality solutions to Micro Focus and customer support during the transition, please be assured that until the transaction closes and for some time afterward, customer support will continue to work exactly as it does today. Compuware and Micro Focus are collaborating on a detailed transition plan to define how and when different support operations will transition to Micro Focus business processes and this will be communicated in due course.
Thank you for your service and loyalty to Uniface and I look forward to working with you in the years ahead.
Yours sincerely,
Aad van Schetsen
Vice President Uniface.


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