North American User Event goes to Vegas

I’ve spent a couple of days in Las Vegas at the NAUUG (North American Uniface User Group).  It’s an interesting event, as we run it over three days. The US is a big place, so if we have customers jetting in, we always make sure that there is a full agenda, both in the day and also in the night.

Probably the most impressing starting point would be the excellent venue, the Vdara hotel, great for conferences, and they were very accommodating to our needs, which grew and grew as the attendance went up to over 60 attendees which was really good news.

The agenda has been pretty busy, the usual business and product updates, which were well received, and Maarten van Leer also gave a couple of presentations, firstly on Uniface 10  which gave lots of positive feedback, good reinforcement that we’re in the right direction (phew!).  Maarten’s presentation on how we use agile in the development of Uniface was also interesting and it gave great insight on how we do things, I was especially pleased that we had some of the Uniface sales people in the audience!

Uniface 9.6 is being really well received, and we’re getting great feedback on what we’re going to deliver in December. Obviously the client server functionality, and the pagination for the web (or client server if you want).  But one thing that I was really pleased to hear about was the conversation I had with Charles from JDA, who has been using the struct functionality we originally delivered in Uniface 9.5. Charles was also one of the first people who suggested that we implement structs as a parameter, which we’ve already implemented into Uniface 9.6.

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