Since Microsoft developed the Office ribbon bar many applications have copied this modern and attractive looking widget. Adding a flexible ribbon bar style widget Uniface would instantly bring Uniface applications up to date.

Use Case

- The ribbon bar might be a component form with a new “Window Type” or some properties which would then fix the form to the application windows, rather than a floating window. - Other windows / forms would not overlap the ribbon bar window. - The width would probably be set as 100% of the application window. Clicking in the ribbon would not cause the previous form to lose focus to allow the buttons and other widgets in the ribbon bar affect the previously selected form component. - The form would need to support the standard widgets and tabs in order to create the affect of a ribbon bar.


Nice to have to modernise the application.


Windows GUI

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One thought on “Menu: Office style menu ribbon along the top”

  1. Status = Closed
    With the new GUI features of Uniface 9,6 it is possible to create Ribbon Bar-like menu’s.
    Simple Ribbon Bars can be created with the TabEx widget, as show in the GUI Sample: Simple ribbon using tabs.
    The sample can be found on
    More advanced Riboon Bars can be built using the new features if Command Buttons, and may be reused by using Form Containers.

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