Enabling a precies request of the needed data containing: - max occs wanted - offset position from where those max occs are neede - native embedding in the 4GL ... as claimed on several places within the community.

Use Case

\"This could look like: ------8<-----8<------- $retrieve(\"\"OCC_LIMIT\"\") = integer, maximum amount of retrieved occs per \"\"RETRIEVE, READ\"\" $retrieve(\"\"POSITION\"\") = integer, starting position for \"\"READ\"\" (...and after having set those two params...) retrieve/e ------8<-----8<------- should obey the following rule: if (position > MAX_POSITION) CORRECT $retrieve(\"\"POSITION\"\") to MAX_POSITION and so on ... endif\"


High / MANDATORY Uniface will have to make it easy for developers in order to make RIA possible like out there in the web.


Database Drivers

Operating System

Not Applicable



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