We\'re able to change the size, position, ... of all fileds in a entity dynamically. We\'re also able to resize columsn in a grid dynamically. But would it be possible to re-order columns dynamically ?

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One thought on “Order columns in a grid”

  1. This isn’t on our roadmap at this time. 

    The work to implement this is a huge effort as we would need to figure out a way to manage the connection between what the user sees and what is really in the database. 

    Imagine a scenario where somebody retrieves some data in the grid. They don’t modify a field, but they are continually changing the sequence of columns. Perhaps doing this all day. And then there is one change, and a store and a retrieve. 

    So all though this, Uniface would need to manage the connections of the visible view vs the actual view. And with the Uniface structure editor, it becomes very very complicated. 

    This is set to closed, but I’ve created a forum thread on the topic for further discussions. 

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