P219: Fix for #29010 requires recompilation (Updated)

Recompilation of Global Proc required after installation of the patch P219 for version 9.3.02.

*** Important: the information in this article has been superseded by the article Patch P219 for version 9.3.02 has been withdrawn ***

The patch P219 contains a fix for problem 29010, “Performance drop when executing global procs in 9.3.02”.

To benefit of this fix, the global procs need to be recompiled. After compilation, the procs can only be used by a runtime version of Uniface that is at least on the same patch level. So in order to run the re-compiled procs, the runtime version of Uniface needs to be P219 or R110 too.

The patch can be installed in runtime Uniface 9.3.02 environment without re-compilation of the existing components. In this situation components will run as before.

*** Update: Previously it was stated that the patch R110 is also affected by this, but even though the ReadMe mentions problem 29010 the fix has actually not been included in that patch. And the ReadMe of the mentioned patch will be updated shortly.

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