Part 2a: PS some requirements

Here are some requirements for what I have posted in Part 2: Technical Support Website Win-Win Opportunity


Here are some possible requirements from the End-Customer perspective
Customers should be able to:
  • Manage Licences:
    • View all their licences, including details about number of users, licensed features and expiration dates.
    • Change existing licences: add or drop features, reduces or increase number of users, change platform.
    • Configure a new licence (like a car configurator) and apply for a price
    • Terminate a license
    • Ask for emergency licences.
    • Download copies of licences
  • View invoices:
    • View and print invoices
    • Pay them online
    • See amounts and due dates
    • See total amount still to be paid
    • Everything both for products and services
  • Get in touch:
    • Publish who to contact for what subject within the customers organisation
    • See who to contact for what subject within Compuware
    • See what other customers did to overcome certain challenges, and get in touch with them.
  • Get the product:
    • Download a product
    • Download a new version of a product
    • Download a patch for a product
  • Get support:
    • Place a call
    • Trace a call (really, really important!)
    • Receive the solution
    • Download the patch
    • See related calls from other customers, and the solutions for them
    • See other call solved in the same patch
    • Get connected to Services or Education when the call is not a problem in the product.
    • Get Services to look at your problem via remote login
  • Get education:
    • Preview and order online training
    • Order on-site training
    • See articles, video‚Äôs, tips and tricks by subject matter experts
    • Read or download manuals
  • Be involved in the development of the product
    • Discuss what the strategic direction of the product should be
    • Discuss what features should be in the next version (wish list)
    • See how Compuware translates their input (work list)

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