Patch P220 released – Update on 29010/28617

Today patch P220 was released. In this patch we solved problem 29010 ("Performance drop when executing global Procs in 9.3.02"), by removing the fix for problem 28617 ("Crash when using global variables after changing the library”), which was originally solved in patch P211 . Global procs now execute with the same performance as before patch P211. An alternative fix for problem 28617 is not yet included in patch P220. Because of the complexity of that fix we want to take sufficient time to limit the chance of side effects as much as possible. This means that problem 28617 is re-introduced in patch P220.

The full description of problem 28617 is:

"Use a global proc from a different library than was originally assigned to the component and then try to use a global variable that is not present in the original library. Uniface will crash."

We do not expect this re-introduction will have a big impact on the Uniface user community, but if removing the fix for bug 28617 is a problem for you, then please contact Uniface Technical Support through the usual channels.

Problem 28617 will be fixed ASAP in one of the future patches for Uniface versions 9.3.02 and 9.4.01. We will announce the release on Frontline as soon as we have those solutions available


  • The ‘Undo’ of the fix for problem 28617 is logged under the problem 29164 ("Fix for bug 28617 has a negative side effect on performance of global procs") and it will also be provided with the patch R111 for version 9.4.01
  • The ‘Re-fix’ for problem 28617 will be done in the context of the problem 29138 ("Correct fix for 28617 and remove side effects of fix for 29010 ")


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