\\\"In the signature of a web-service (Define SOAP properties) it should be possible to set a file-path for the \\\"\\\"URL of the WSDL\\\"\\\" that is possible to change at installation time. At run time the file location is checked first time when a session starts. For performance reasons, it might be preferable to download the WSDL from the Web to a local file before importing it so this runtime check is local instead of remote. The file-path should be possible to set in some dynamic way, eg. using usysmypath or something similar.\\\"

Use Case

It\\\'s not possible to compile new signatures for every installation, especially for your own web-services that are a part of your application and should be installed on the server of the customer, ie. a new address each time. Unfortunately we have had to build web-service calls into 3gl dlls just because of this lack. Example: 1. URL of the WSDL=usysmypathMyService.wsdl 2. In asn or ini file: usysmypath=g:myapplwsdl


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Operating System

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  1. “It would be even better, being able to import the wsdl into Uniface and then changing the “”location””-paths within the wsdl dynamically at run-time, whatever location-paths are used within the wsdl. This is probably quite a big change.”

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