Post Generation Enrichment of SQL scripts

a dITo help to escape the “use your editor and write 100 times: “Drop Table” Penalty (as seen on The Simpsons”)

As you can see from the latest wish from Wolfgang Messingschlager

current CREATE TABLE scripts generated by uniface has to be amendend to be really usefull
if you work with existing databases and want to load a slightly different datamodel mow.

Once again, the dITo initiative gives you alternatives, and I think most of us have “our” little script to avoid the nice “just use an editor and change it”
(name and address withheld by intervention of this author).

I have used AWK (or GNU AWK because i have a windows home) and you will find some sample scripts how to do the job.

“Making Uniface Generated SQL scripts usable” is available on in the giveaways download area.

Success, Uli

P.S. if you have other, better, more functionality scripts you want to contribute, just mail them to me
and the document will become better and better with each contribution.

This SHARE it is the base of the dITo initiative

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