A precompiler directive, allowing the developer to put in a link between one component/field proc and another component to allow the cross reference table to be updated where it normally wouldn\'t be.

Use Case

\"Our code contains many references such as follows. activate STF_L.EXEC( \"\"SERVICE=STS_PRODUCT_L·,INIT=1·,FIND=ST*\"\", v_outparams, v_outstatus, v_outcontext) This starts the STF_L generic list display program and passes in the name of the service to run, there is therefore no direct link to this service ever decodable in the proc code. The ability to do something like, #uxcross reftyp=\"\"CPT\"\", reffld=\"\"STS_PRODUCT_L\"\" would enable us to ensure that the cross reference/need for the service is maintained in the uxcross table.\"


To be able to use the cross reference table as an aid in documenting component relationships and for building uar files, it should be as comprehensive as possible. Situations such as the one shown above are never going to be able to be decoded by uniface directly, but would be available for \'manual\' documentation within the proc code using this method.


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