Bring back the Quick Reference Guide for Uniface 9

Use Case

This is 'functionality' that was removed in Uniface 9. All previous version had it and it was (and still is) used every day. * Information at your fingertips. * No need to open new browser windows for help. * No need to log on to Frontline or open CHM files. * Small enough to be portable / carried in your laptop bag.


Much easier to have quick reference material at your fingers on the desk next to you rather than clicking, searching, open another window, etc on your PC. This promotes faster application development.



Operating System

Not Applicable



2 thoughts on “Quick Reference Guide for U9”

  1. Hi Disco, in 2010 I created (under the dITo initiative) an extracting tool which delivered something similar to the old QRG.
    Including a list what has changed after the last release, which cost some editing time.
    But it needs to be printed on a paper which stands the proof of years, not a simple printer paper.

    In these old days, Ton Blankers mentioned some support from CPWR for a print-on-demand.
    Later I was informed that this was dropped. And as a freelancer, I am not able to finance this on my own.

    And as a QRG user from version 5 onwards, I still miss the little book because I could even study it
    in a bus, while travelling and it takes a lot of notes and sketches which meets my haptic way of collecting infos.

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