\"We already have the maxhits options providing the equivalent of the \"\"LIMIT\"\" option in SQL. Now we need to have an equivalent for the \"\"OFFSET\"\" option in SQL. OFFSET comes natively with MySql or PostgreSql. There are SQL equivalents (more or less) for other DBMSs that would have to be wrapped into the Uniface DB Driver.\"

Use Case

\"when using list paging in a web application, the user requests, say, the third page in a list of items, shown 10 at a time. We need to skip the 20 first occurences to begin at the 21st. That\'s where the OFFSET option would come in handy like : read options \"\"offset=21 maxhits=10\"\" This would generate a query to the underlying DBMS that would skip the 20 first rows before returning data. There are workarounds but they require a lot of code (like in the MusicShop demo).\"


make it easy to implement a mechanism that is a standard in web environments.


Database Drivers

Operating System

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