Native support for regular expressions (very similar usage like current Uniface syntax strings) while working with strings. Nowadays syntax strings can be used on many places, but it is not good enough for many situations. Using regular expressions would make many validating/searching/parsing strings much easier. Hopefully, POSIX Extended Regular Expression (ERE) syntax should be enough, but something based on Perl regexp (like PCRE) would be a bit better.

Use Case

- search (and replace) in Uniface IDE itself - everyplace like component editor, global updates, listing, etc., expecially searching withing proc code using regexp is very useful - validating data - most of current business (or any other) application needs to store e-mail addresses, postal codes, product numbers, etc. most of data can be easily validated using regular expression (some of them can be validated using Uniface syntax codes, but many of them can\\\'t) - searching - not only end-user needs to look for something, but many searchies is done in our application (many end-user do not understand regular expressions, but we do) - e.g. user wants to search for an e-mail, or postal code (ZIP code in the USA, PSC here in the Czech republic) - find and replace - quite common functionality - importing files from other application - wee need to import many different ad-hoc formated (text) files (as part of B2B support), so we need to validate their format and parse the content of course - may be some other situations, I just did not mentioned here I believe, the ability to use regular expression in situation, where Uniface syntax string can be used, would make our (developers) life much easier - mainly $scan, $replace, $split, etc. (maybe even $ltrim and $rtrim)


It will make string manipulation processes much more easier. Nowadays it is very hard to validate for example an e-mail address. Validation with regexp is very useful for product numbers, e.g. it is string field, but only numbers, underscore, hypen and dot is allowed - or any user-defined group of characters. Parsing text files, e.g. validate provided data in txt file according to specification. Searching for all email addresses in txt file, etc. All in all, everything you can achieve now using Uniface functions and constant strings or syntax string can be done using regular expressions, but with regexp you can do so much more!



Operating System

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  1. In the other Regular expression wish on this wishlist a 3gl callout component is described that gives you access to the regular expression parser that is in xerces270.dll, which is delivered with Uniface.

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