The ability to set up the port wait and create debug, such that the debugger can call to debug a specific PID from the many listening on that port.

Use Case

The urouter UST is set up with the /deb=tcp:hostname+13010:nowait option as \\\'normal\\\' for debugging uservers. The process ID (PID) is identified using the urouter monitor or similar. The debugger is started with the option /deb=tcp:hostname+13010:create:PID


Where we are trying to identify a problem which is occurring at customer site, most recently on a virtual server environment, we can see the userver which is stuck in a loop from the urouter monitor, but there is no way to debug it to find out which process it is running. There are several uservers running from the same UST so setting the /deb=TCP statement would get us access to a random process. The /deb=PID option cannot be used as there is no console for the server (or because we are connected via RDP to a customer site), so there is no way to identify what program has a loop in it.



Operating System

Not Applicable



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