\\\"You can perform a reorder of a subtree using $fieldvalrep(TreeField) with the ActionIndicator value \\\"\\\"-2\\\"\\\". In Uniface this has only effect on nodes. Leaves are still unordered. Because only Uniface has the knowlege about the element type (node or leaf) a workaround can not be implemented in the 4GL application.\\\"

Use Case

\\\"- the 4GL application is adding in a subtree like \\\"\\\"Vegetable\\\"\\\" new nodes and leaves like \\\"\\\"tomato\\\"\\\" as node and a leaf \\\"\\\"lettuce\\\"\\\" - calling $fieldvalrep with ActionIndicator value \\\"\\\"-2\\\"\\\" and the updated subtree list \\\"\\\"Vegetable\\\"\\\" consisting of all subtree elements, completely described (not only the element name, thus also the node type) - presentation as a windows explorer will do it: in the list view are shown in the first part the ordered nodes and in the second part the ordered leaves.\\\"


A tree is a very important widget type: Example: documentation tree into which quite often are added new documents of different types. The update is quite frequently. Endusers must find documents quickly. For that purpose the precondition is an ordered tree.


Windows GUI

Operating System




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