\"putlistitems/id/replace , behaves like putlistitems/id in that it fills the variable with the values of the ids already there, but instead of val/rep pairs, you only get the rep part. So. For FIELD1=A,FIELD2=B, V1=\"\"FIELD1+,FIELD2\"\" putlisitems/id V1 sets V1 to \"\"FIELD1=A+,FIELD2=B\"\" putlistitems/id/replace V1 sets V1 to \"\"A+,B\"\"\"

Use Case

Used in creating things like tree display columns. Allows the programmer to easily specify the column order from data or similar and have the list which is the display populated in one pass. Currently, one has to use putlisitems/id and then go through the list pulling the $valuepart of each item and building another list.


It makes populating tree widgets with runtime defined columns much simpler.



Operating System

Not Applicable



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