reset should be applicable to $instancemod

Use Case

When dealing with real application life is always more complex than in theory... In many (almost all) cases when a component is preparing itself for user editing (initialization) one or more field must be computed/prepared for the user session; this is often involving more (also many more) codelines depending from business rules complexity. In a non-modal environment this is (almost always...99,99% cases) leading to $instancemod = 1; this situation does not enable programmers to REALLY use $instancemod to verify if the user during his/her editing session has changed something. Exactly because of this same situation during past times it was enabled to reset $formmod (the equivalent of $instancemod in a modal environment...); the same solution is now requested for $instancemod: reset instruction should be applicable to $instancemod also. For any more informations or real life examples simply ask.




Proc Code

Operating System

Not Applicable



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