Modal form can in restricted mode run nonmodal forms. Only the last modal form or its nonmodal childs can get focus Use in Tab widget.

Use Case

Example: A,B,C,D,E modal forms B1, B2, E1,E2 nonmodal Activation schema of visible instances: A->B->B1 ____->B2 B,B1,B2 can get focus A->B->B1 ____->B2->C Only C has focus,C is modal ->B->B1 ____->B2->C->D->E->E1 _________________->E2 E,E1,E2 can get focus


Tab widget can be used in inner parts of modal tree.Important for older applications. In current state use of Tab widget is strongly limited. Applications can use nonmodal behavior in inner parts of its modal form tree. Selecting components, which needs to be modal, can include nonmodal components, for example Tabs


Windows GUI

Operating System




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