What happens if I just paste a chunk out of ulibrary.chm How much edit/control can be applied to an article ? Actually pasting a small chunk works quite well except obviously any external links get broken. It looks pretty good but fixing the links (by adding them as further articles) would be a tough job. Probably doable by fixing all the links in the original source and then uploading the lot


An entity-level widget that represents the fields and occurrences of the entity within a grid framework, resembling a spreadsheet.

Physical Widget


Default Logical Widget



Standard Triggers: None

Extended Triggers:



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  1. It seems, I can add a related content. Can’t edit the article… and that’s my comment for you to test. 🙂
    I can edit or delete my own comment.

    (AJW) I can also edit your comment – thanks

  2. Hi Andrew, what about the following concept: someone (the secretary general) starts a thread in the forum and describes the context. He is in-charge to keep the first post as an abstract of the current discussion. Contributers can use the reply mechanism to keep a discussion of ideas and concepts and erquirements. To bring the new stuff to the head-document, i use a “print” of the whole thread (which is in another window) to cut&paste from all the contributions. Works very well in a lot of forums (not only this one). Success, Uli

  3. While I can see how Uli’s suggestion could work I think we need a permanent & extensible repository of wisdom
    A forum is still a forum.

  4. 100% agreed, my suggestion is only how we can get +/- similar results with the tools in hand. Still looking for a tool which combines discussions and state-of-the-discussion documents. Have not found it, perhaps someone can help. WIKIs fall short in documenting discussions. The nearses i found is TRAC, a combination of wiki and a ticketing application (open-source).

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