It would be very useful to have a real timer widget indipendent to the utimer and async interrupt.

Use Case

It\\\'s very difficult to refresh some data in a standard form. Using the async interrupt trigger we can do something every x minutes but this parameter is defined in the .ASN file by the $TIMEOUT parameter and it is common to all forms of the application. If i want to have a 30seconds timer in a form and a 20 minutes timer in another, now is not possible. The utimer component is far too limiting. We shoud have a timer widget paintable in any form with one trigger than runs every x seconds defined in the widget itself. So we can diversify many timers in many forms.





Operating System

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One thought on “Simplified timer”

  1. It is very easy to diversify many timers in many forms, using the UTIMER component.

    For example:
    activate “UTIMER”.SetMessage(“RESTFULL”,”UPDATE”,”Time to refresh the quote”)
    activate “UTIMER”.SetRepeat(0)
    activate “UTIMER”.Start(“00:00:10”)

    This sends a message with id “UPDATE” to the async trigger of component “RESTFULL” with endless repetition every ten seconds.

    You could use $instancename instead of a fixed component name and maybe a field name instead of a fixed message id if you plan to use it a lot and want to make some generic code.
    Make a nice include proc that does the 3 calls to UTIMER in one go, another include proc for generic handling in your Async triggers.

    A paintable timer widget would take up valuable screen space.
    If you really can’t live with the utimer widget, a whish for a timer property on all widgets, the entity and the component would be nicer.

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