Smartbear TestComplete 11 and Uniface 9.7 MSAA API configuration steps


A default installation of TestComplete  will not recognize Uniface 9.7 MSAA objects (Editbox, Checkbox).

In the usys.ini, MSAA accessibility has been enabled:


Accessibility= TestMode

In TestComplete a default Test project was created and the parameters for the tested application (idf.exe) were defined.



A simple Uniface 9.7 test form looks like this:



The test form is started in idf test mode



When checking the Uniface fields of the test form in the TestComplete Object Browser, the field names show with general Windows Object names (Edit, Button ) instead of the Uniface unique technical names (FieldName.EntityName.ModelName.OccurrenceIndex).



The reason is that Windows classes that TestComplete will recognize as MSAA objects need to be manually added to the project properties, they are not there by default.

For more information see

Following the steps described in the article, you need to open your Project Workspace and go to ‘Properties‘, ‘Open Applications‘, ‘MSAA‘ and add the Uniface Windows classes that represent the field widgets to the list of accepted MSAA windows.



Alternatively, you can enable the MSAA wildcard (*) option.



The TestComplete Object Browser now shows the unique Uniface technical names for the supported field widgets in the format:




For more information about the Uniface 9.7 MSAA API, see topic ‘MSAA’ in the Uniface 9.7 ulibrary

For more information about TestComplete, please refer to