Many moons ago there was a really nice (albeit undocumented) feature in Uniface.... A function called $snapshot. In essence, it dumped virtually ALL internal Uniface functions reflecting the current runtime engine to the message frame. Things like; $status, $result, $entname, $fieldname, $occmod, $applname, $formname etc etc. Even today in 9.6 - the debugger doesn\'t throw a \'does not exist\' - it simply crashes the application ;-)........ so it\'s there.... but not working.... What would be huge would be to get $snapshot to return a value list of its content....

Use Case

quick way to see / debug / narrow down the current internal runtime environment...


nice to have


Proc Code

Operating System

Not Applicable



One thought on “$snapshot”

  1. I support this. It was really helpful when they re-installed the snapshot in the debugger which was available at least from Unifece 5 onward, but discontinued when they wrote their new debugger with uniface 7. *** As Knut mentioned, it saves you a lot of typing when you are bughunting.

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