as in unifields, $curline and $curword needs to be supported for all other kinds of (C/S) widgets

Use Case

this is a key-issue to provide context specific support (helpinfo) to the end-users.


key issue for a user-fiendly assistance



Operating System

Not Applicable



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  1. “It’s NOT “”how to give help”” The short description clearly reads: support $curline, $curword in editboxes If I am in a text field (edit box, …) and the cursor is positioned on a particular word in a particular line, I asked to fix the $-functions to return the word/line I am positioned. Reset status to “”open””, Success, Uli ————- end reply 100113 ————- Workaround: Use the help triggers to get information to the end users. Another possibility is to use the new property ‘tooltiptext ‘ for $fieldproperties . See also ‘set tooltiptext dynamically’.”

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