The idea is that when signature stored procedures are used in Uniface to call a stored proc that generates a lot of data, either in Uniface list format, or XML that we can get this information back into the Uniface layer to do some work on it. There are a number of instances where it\'s a lot faster to hold simple logic or multiple table joins/queries to build a data packet in SQLland, but for example, you may want to pass the packet back to the caller, through your Uniface layer because this is where you hold your interface, security and other logic. In some cases, you can bundle information together into a response packet, and this can minimise your round trips to the database that may have been required through the Uniface driver. This would be for Solaris, Red Hat and Windows on Oracle or MS SQL server.

Use Case

1. I want to create a web service that returns an (XML) data packet to call fast, there are a log of queries/joins to be run, stored proc is faster. 2. I need to build a uniface list from a complex query(s) and send it back to the application layer. I may still want to operate on the document in Uniface using a struct, but I have all the data I need packed up in one call to the db.




Database Drivers

Operating System

Not Applicable



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