Many third party applications that support SOAP call-in (e.g. Microsoft Exchange 2010 web services) implement the SOAP calls with SOAP headers. Uniface does not currently handle SOAP call-out to web services that use SOAP headers.

Use Case

As Uniface is selling itself as a modern language that supports web services, the ability to natively consume SOAP services that use SOAP headers should really be standard. It would greatly enhance the ability to integrate with 3rd party web services. This is currently of high importance to us. We have instances where we need to integrate from out Uniface application to web services of 2 third parties (Microsoft being one), which is not possible to do without writing a wrapper in an additional language.





Operating System

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  1. Uniface is supporting SOAP headers in SOAP Call-out (using SOP U2.0) since version 9.5.

    The SOAP can be accessed by using SOAP callback operation. These operations are pre-defined operations that are called before or after a SOAP request is handled for web services call-in or call-out. The callback operations make it possible to add or interpret SOAP header elements, encrypt or decrypt parts of the SOAP envelope, provide SOAP fault error handling, or perform other desired processing of the SOAP envelope.

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