Looking for some method of mapping a field to a SQL server 'identity' or 'GUI' field. These fields will probably be the primary key for an entity, and there is no Uniface equivalent for either of them. They map to integer and string respectively, but there is no way to fill them in sensibly. Declarative syntax validation fires before validate field/key/occurrence and therefore there is no trigger in which code to populate technical keys can be entered.

Use Case

A field is defined as either Identity or GUI. If, when validating the occurrence, this field is not populated, either an automatic increment/GUI code is fired, or there is a point in proc for the developer to build a 'key generator'. This allows for the primary key to be filled in only when required.


The XML transfer of data allows for 'deep' relationships to be block loaded into the component, and generic code to check the keys for all of these is difficult to write.


Proc Code

Operating System

Not Applicable



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