Uniface is supporting SQLite since version 9.6.05 (see their announcement here: ) Unfortunately, SQLite is only supported for Windows and according to their support, there are no plans to support SQlite for Linux. My wish: Please support SQlite on Linux (It can\\\'t be a big deal since Windows is already supported)

Use Case

SQLite is a perfect solution for development and unittesting. Databases can be quickly set up and restored (copy/paste)




Database Drivers

Operating System




3 thoughts on “Support SQLite on Linux”

  1. No in our plans. SQLite is a single user database, so it’s usefulness in a server environment is limited. I would view PostgreSQL as a viable, realistic option for testing, with the added bonus that it already is available.

  2. I don’t share your opinion: For database-close unittests the key is to quickly setup/restore a database (before each test).
    With SQLite, this means copy-pasting a filed. Other DMBS have heavier/slower mechanisms (as far as I know)

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